BWK Chemiefaser GmbH

man-made fibres

Our spectrum of specialties covers more than 150 qualities; these are constantly supplemented by new fashionable variants. However, many types are also fashion-independent; these have formed part of the range for years and can be delivered ex stock.
Examples: Fine hair imitations in polyamide (nylon):
“Angora look”, “Angora Kemp”, “Cashmere Look”, “Mohair Look”
Microfibre qualities in viscose, acrylic, polyester and polyamide
Extra dull, super bright and high-bulk effects
Cross-dye able qualities: viscose spun-dyed in a wide range of colours, acrylic and polyester spun-dyed in black,
Viscose and acrylic stretch-broken tops

Made to order

Our know-how and equipment permit us to fulfill individual wishes of our customers if warranted by size of the order.
Examples: Viscose tops and acrylic stretch-broken tops in any desired colour for lots of 5 tons or more.

  • polyamide (nylon) 6 und 6.6 tops
  • cellulose fibre tops
  • polyester tops
  • acrylic tops
  • blended tops

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