BWK Chemiefaser GmbH

Introduction of BWK Chemiefaser GmbH - the man-made firbe top maker

BWK Chemiefaser GmbH (BWK CF) is a company in the field of textile fibres. BWK CF is located in Bremen-Blumenthal with more than 40 years history. BWK CF is the largest top maker for man-made fibre long staple tops in Europe. Man-made fibre tops are made from staple fibre or so called tow.
Polyamide Tops (Effects und Standard Tops), Tops from cellulosic Fibre (viscose, MODAL, TENCEL, Lenzing FR), Polyester Tops, Acrylic Tops & blends (i.e. man-made fibre/man-made fibre or man-made fibre/wool or man-made fibre/linen).


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